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Hair Transplant


Hair is a manifestation of beauty. Therefore, when hair begins to fall out, many problems appear, and if it is not addressed quickly, the problem increases to put hair transplantation as a last resort. Hair transplantation is one of the most important, latest and most famous processes that have appeared on the scene in the recent period to overcome hair problems that cause embarrassment and lack of self-confidence.

How is the hair transplant surgery done?

Hair transplantation stages:

  1. Prepare the patient for the operation
  2. Anesthesia stage
  3. Extraction of follicles
  4. Separation of follicles or slides
  5. The follicle growing stage


Hair transplantation methods

  • Anesthesia stage
A local anesthetic is used at the implant site, which is very sufficient to make the patient feel no pain during the operation.

The process of extracting natural hair follicles is done in two ways:

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation
    • A small Unit is taken from the back of the head "donated area"
    • They are divided into very small Units
    • Each Unit contains only one or two hairs, and this is done under a special microscope
    Follicular Unit Transplantation is somewhat painful after the procedure ends, leaving a slight scar behind, depending on the elasticity of the scalp, but without any swelling in the area.

  2. Non-surgical Follicular Unit Extraction
  3. Follicular Unit Extraction is the newest and easiest method and is currently working, this method is not painful, and does not leave any scars or scars in the scalp.
    • Picking out the follicles or "craft" micro grafts one by one using modern technologies 1 mm from the donated area.
    • After that, the follicles are separated, cleaned and placed in brine for preservation until transplanted.
    • The area heals immediately.
    • Within 48 hours, a person can lead a normal life.


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