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The prevailing idea in our society about the process of rhinoplasty is a very deficient idea. What is common about it is the operations of reducing the size of the nose, which is often dealt with as a luxury, and it is only one of the simplest types of these operations, while some types of plastic surgery and straightening the nose may be a medical necessity. Sometimes as we will see ..


It is the process of modifying the shape of the nose, which is sometimes referred to as the reshaping of the nose, It is primarily done for a cosmetic purpose, which is to increase harmony and coordination between the nose and the rest of the facial features, However, it is often conducted with the aim of treating breathing problems and disorders caused by deformities or defects in the structure of the nose, and due to exposure to some accidents.

For Example:

  • Changing the size of the nose (either to reduce or enlarge it).
  • Changing the width of the nose, the size or position of the nose bunny
  • Embellishment of clear nasal heights or depressions affecting the overall shape of the face, or to increase symmetry of the nose.


How to beautify the nose

  • Nose reduction surgery: It may include specific areas such as the nose, the bridge of the nose bunny, or the width of the nose
  • Nasal augmentation surgery: This type of surgery is often curative, and may be the result of deformation or incomplete growth in the nose, or following the surgical removal of part of the nose.
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries: These operations are spread across specific races, with shapes and edges of the nose, such as the people of the Middle East or the people of the Mediterranean regions.
  • The rhinoplasty surgeries after accidents: They take place within a period of one to ten days after an accident that causes the destruction of some of the nose bones or cartilages.


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